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Ranger 2023+ Rubber load bed mat (excl. Raptor)

Ranger 2023+ Rubber load bed mat (excl. Raptor)


The Rebel inspired rubber non-slip bed liner is perfect for protecting the bed of your Ranger but more importantly, it stops goods from sliding around in the back of your truck whihc we all know can be a pain.


The bed liner mat is fully tailored to fit your Ranger, the scanning data for the rubber boot mat was taken from a truck equipped with a factory fitted plastic bed Liner, so if no bed liner is present then the bed mat will still fit but may not be a perfect fit.



3.5 mm thick heavy duty TPV rubber unlike some on the market today
Exact Tailored fit
Quick delivery
Pet friendly

Easily hosed down when it gets muddy

Comes branded in Rebel Vehicles livery

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