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Rechargeable Headtorch With Integrated Motion Sensor

Rechargeable Headtorch With Integrated Motion Sensor

SKU: RIL6400

Designed with the professional in mind, the MAGflex Headtorch250 provides reliability where it is needed the most. This 250 lumen headtorch, equipped with a motion sensor, is tested to IP54 & IK07 and operates for up to 6 hours from a single charge. Perfect for all tradesmen, when needing to work hands free.

  • 250 Lumens output in a robust housing to withstand tough working environments
  • Reliable battery life with up to 6 hours operating time from a single charge
  • Integrated motion sensor for convenient control of light output
  • Adjustable angle 60 degree adjustment to point the light where needed
  • Main light emitting surface and charge level indicator provides visual warning of low battery
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