Superpro Full Suspension Upgrade Kit 2019 Facelift

Superpro Full Suspension Upgrade Kit 2019 Facelift


The Superpro quality speaks for itself with lifetime warranty on its bushes.


The idea of this kit is to improve the road manners of your Ranger whilst not compromising its off road ability


This kit comprises of - 


- Pre built front struts with 50mm raised progressive spring, matching dampers and new uprated top mounts

- 50mm raised rear spring, progressive rate with constant load carry of 150kg without sag.

- Extended and uprated rear shocks

- Uprated and extended U-bolts

- Bush and greasable shackle kit

- Centre prop bearing spacer to ensure correct prop alignment after lift.


One further option to the above lift kit is the installation of the rear anti roll bar - RC0104RZ-22. The improved roll bar improves the stability of the Ranger and improves driving on A-Road and towing. (sold separately)