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Swing Storage Tool Boxes N/S +O/S

Swing Storage Tool Boxes N/S +O/S

SKU: FR22-6126TOOL

These tool boxes are designed to fit neatly and securely between the tailgate and wheel arches, this storage system will provide safe storage as well as easy access.  Pulling the latch on the box will enable the box to pivot almost 180 degrees over the lowered tailgate giving you convenient access.  Once finished, just push the toolbox back and it will lock into position.  If or when required, the toolbox can be removed and lifted out if all tools were needed on site.

Sitting along the sidewalls, the boxes will provide great storage without taking up significant space and you can be rest assured that your tools and other items are securely sealed as the boxes are fitted with a locking mechanism.

  • Perfect fitting to your load bed, optimising space
  • Easy to access with pivot design
  • Removable from the hinges
  • Lock and key for security and peace of mind
  • Storage shelf, ideal for smaller fixings
  • Works with load bed liner, tonneau covers and canopies, please note some cutting may be needed if your truck has bed liner.
  • Easy installation, 5 min job each side.
  • Manufactured from high quality ABS plastic

Please note this is for both nearside and offside boxes, 2 in total.

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