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Style My Ranger Website Launch

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new website

You can now purchase the newest and highest quality Ford Ranger Parts & Styling Accessories for your beloved Ranger in our shop, and keep up to date on the latest Ranger news on our blog.

The idea came about late September last year when we took delivery of our beloved New shape Ranger, in stunning Sea Grey, and we began thinking If only we could make it look even better.

So we began our search for ranger parts and styling accessories. To be fair to our now competitors, there is some good offerings but we continually came back with the same problem. One sells the wheel arches, one sells the seat covers, one sells the oil filter and another sells the lift kit, but no one sells all of it.

With our motor factor background of over 30 years and accessibility to all the major brands we would want to fit to our Ranger, was born.

Months of product sourcing and testing followed, with even more to come, and here we are today launching our offering which we feel is not only well priced, but the best the UK has to offer. We look forward to the coming months of sharing more of an insight into the company and the team.

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